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The team at Center for Responsive Schools is thrilled to announce our new line of books for kids ages 5–14:

Avenue A Books!

Avenue A Books is launching its first series of graphic novels in early 2019. This new line of books is specifically created to help kids develop social and emotional competencies in a way that speaks directly to them, and to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of relevant and relatable situations.

This engaging and colorful collection is being designed by a diverse group of talented children’s book authors and illustrators. Kids will see themselves and their peers reflected in stories that depict real-world challenges that they experience both at school and at home. And while these books offer subtle examples of how to handle various situations with empathy and self-control, they are compelling, fun to read, and often laugh-out-loud funny. We offer a wide range of genres that will engage all kinds of kids, from action and adventure stories, to mysteries, to coming-of-age dramas.

Why Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels appeal to both avid and reluctant readers. The flexibility of the form can support rich and multilayered plots for advanced readers, while at the same time remaining inviting and exciting for kids who may struggle with, or dislike, reading.

The use of images along with words in graphic novels provides an entertaining and dynamic reading experience, and can be an extremely effective way of communicating complex ideas and situations. For example, pictures can convey information that’s not directly mentioned in the text. This can be a great teaching tool to help kids understand different forms of communication. In addition, the words themselves can be enhanced with different styles, colors, and embellishments to convey tone, volume, and more. This provides another opportunity for kids to explore how information can be expressed visually.

Because of their broad appeal and multifaceted format, graphic novels open the door to a storytelling universe in which any child can find their place. They allow kids to experience how much fun reading can be–and can spark a passion for books that will last a lifetime.


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Learn more about Avenue A Books here. 

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